Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources Visits New Standard Laboratories at Ibrahim Khalil International Entry

The Director of the company welcomed the Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government, Mrs. Begard Talabani, to the laboratories at the port of Ibrahim Khalil International. The visit, attended by the supervisor of Ibrahim Al Khalil International complex, director of customs Ibrahim Khalil, and directors of quarantines of the complex, aimed to familiarize the Minister with the company's laboratories, management procedures, and implementation processes, including those related to quarantines. During the visit, the Minister expressed her support for the company, offering solutions to any laboratory-related challenges. She emphasized the ministry's commitment to enhancing quality control and inspection of imported agricultural goods and products. The Minister commended the role of the company's laboratories, acknowledging the high standards and dedication of the staff, especially highlighting the director's and laboratory staff's exceptional contributions.

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