Physics Laboratory

Our Physics Laboratory, situated in Ibrahim Khalil, stands as a pivotal component of New Standard Company's commitment to quality assurance and safety standards. Equipped with advanced instruments and staffed by proficient physicists, this facility ensures precise physical testing across various product categories.
Handling Cosmetics, Health, Veterinary, and Dried Food:
Focused on the diverse needs of industries, our Physics Laboratory specializes in cosmetics, health, veterinary items, and dried food. This targeted approach allows us to tailor our physical testing methods to the unique characteristics of each product category.
Testing Procedures:
Our physicists employ a range of physical testing procedures, including examinations of weight, labels, and other relevant physical attributes. This meticulous approach guarantees comprehensive evaluations to meet international standards and regulations.
Quality Control Emphasis:
At New Standard, we prioritize stringent quality control measures to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our physical testing outcomes. These measures are designed to meet and exceed international standards, providing clients with the utmost confidence in our results.
Key Physical Tests:
  • Weight Testing:
    Ensuring accurate weight measurements for compliance with product specifications.
  • Label Examinations:
    Verifying label information for conformity with regulatory requirements.
  • Physical Attributes Testing:
    Assessing various physical characteristics relevant to each product category.
The New Standard Physics Laboratory underscores our dedication to precision and reliability in physical testing. Clients can expect detailed reports that adhere to the highest scientific standards, providing transparency and assurance in the evaluation of their products.