Siji Branch

Ensuring Quality in Construction and More Since 2018

Established on 28 October, 2018, our Siji branch is a trusted hub for quality control and laboratory services. Equipped with specialized laboratories in Construction, Electrical and Electronic, Plastic Pipes, and Adhesive Cement, we adhere to the highest scientific standards in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. Our dedicated team, guided by a scientific committee and specialized academic staff, is committed to delivering precise and reliable testing services in full compliance with Iraqi specifications.

Our impact spans diverse sectors, ensuring the quality of construction materials, electrical appliances, plastic pipes, and adhesives. From contributing to construction projects to guaranteeing the safety and durability of materials, our laboratories play a pivotal role in industries such as construction, electronics, and manufacturing. This underscores our unwavering commitment to comprehensive quality control, making a positive impact across various applications and industries.

Adhesive Cement

Adhesive Cement Laboratory

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Construction Laboratory

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Electrical And Electronic

Electrical And Electronical Laboratory

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Plastic Pipe

Plastic Pipes Laboratory

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