Haji Omran Branch

Advancing Quality Control Since 2017

Established on 5 July, 2017, the Haji Omran branch of New Standard Company stands as a hub for elevating quality control and laboratory services. Boasting specialized laboratories in Biology, Chemistry, Fuel, and a dedicated Vehicles Inspection Unit, our branch is committed to upholding the highest scientific standards in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. Under the vigilant guidance of a dedicated scientific committee and specialized academic staff, our mission at Haji Omran is to deliver meticulous and dependable testing services, ensuring unwavering compliance with Iraqi specifications.

Our impact extends across diverse sectors, ensuring the quality of biological and chemical components, fuel standards, and the safety of vehicles through thorough inspections. From contributing to healthcare and automotive safety to maintaining high standards in energy-related sectors, our laboratories play a pivotal role. This underscores our unwavering commitment to comprehensive quality control, making a positive impact on various aspects of safety and compliance.


Biology Laboratory

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Chemical Laboratory

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Fuel Laboratory

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Vehicles Inspection

Vehicles Inspection Unit

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