New Standard Company’s Active Participation in Market Follow-up Committees During COVID-19 Pandemic

In response to the pandemic, the Follow-up and Control Committee in Duhok Governorate has undertaken day and night visits to markets to enforce the instructions of the Anti-Corona Virus Operations Room. These visits aim to ensure compliance with health, municipal, civil defense, veterinary, and goods price regulations across the entire Duhok governorate and its districts. New Standard Company plays an active role in these committees through its dedicated representatives. The company extends sincere appreciation to all committee members for their efforts and wishes them continued success in safeguarding the well-being of the citizens of Duhok Governorate.


New Standard Company’s Contribution to COVID-19 Testing in Duhok Governorate

In a commitment to combat the outbreak of the Coronavirus, New Standard Company extended support to the central laboratory for pathological analyzes in Duhok governorate. The company actively participated in a campaign by providing essential kits for conducting specialized tests, aiding in the accurate diagnosis of COVID-19 cases. This initiative marked the first Real-time PCR analysis for COVID-19 in Duhok Governorate. Following the successful testing, the General Director of Health at Duhok Governorate expressed gratitude and appreciation for the company's significant contribution and support, acknowledged during a press conference.