Dr. Azad Abdullah Meerkhan

General Supervisor of New Standard Laboratories


At New Standard Company, our vision is to contribute to the activation and enhancement of quality control, public safety, and food security in the Kurdistan Region and beyond. We are committed to realizing the actual implementation of quality and efficiency assessments for materials imported to Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.


Our focus includes nurturing a highly educated local workforce with certifications in quality control programs, establishing cutting-edge laboratories equipped with advanced scientific devices to form a robust scientific infrastructure for quality control in the Kurdistan Region and global expansion.

We aim to unify the process of quality control through an electronic network that facilitates the identification and assessment of the quality of imported materials and local products at border points. Collaboration with renowned international companies specialized in quality control is integral to our vision. Furthermore, we aspire to achieve international certifications (ISO) for scientific examinations, globally recognized, while ensuring that all our laboratory specialists hold UNESCO-recognized certificates.



At New Standard Company, our mission is underpinned by a distinguished scientific committee comprising experts from diverse scientific disciplines, all holding esteemed qualifications recognized by UNESCO. This committee diligently assesses the outcomes of physical, chemical, and biological tests, meticulously scrutinizing their implications for public health and safety. We are dedicated to the meticulous determination of the quality, extent, and level of imported materials, and our commitment to exacting quality control measures.

Our quality control system adheres unwaveringly to internationally certified scientific standards sanctioned in both Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. This unwavering commitment is manifested through our utilization of cutting-edge, globally endorsed equipment, compliant with the rigorous ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standards.

In the realm of laboratory and field testing, we have adopted a sophisticated electronic system meticulously calibrated to a specialized framework certified for the delivery of results. These operations are conducted in strict accordance with the prevailing laws of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, in alignment with exacting global scientific benchmarks.

Our modus operandi encompasses stringent monitoring, systematic audits, and judicious administrative and financial oversight. These practices are underscored by the allocation of budgets meticulously calibrated to commercial material specifications and the stipulations of certificates of origin.

New Standard Company possesses a comprehensive suite of capabilities, encompassing a wide spectrum of physical, chemical, biological, electronic, and mechanical laboratory tests. Our competencies extend to the evaluation of spare parts, electrical appliances, vehicles, and household items, underpinned by rigorous training and state-of-the-art equipment.

Our unwavering dedication to scientific excellence extends to our esteemed local staff, who receive comprehensive training on laboratory equipment and electronic systems, ensuring the effective implementation of our exacting quality control programs.

Our accomplished academic team boasts an extensive repertoire of experience in physical, chemical, biological, and physiological disciplines, honed through tenures in the consulting offices of both local and international universities, spanning numerous years.

Furthermore, our company's erudite staff actively engage in scientific undertakings for a spectrum of institutions, government departments, judicial bodies, and security authorities, often formalizing agreements to deliver specialized expertise and services, in full compliance with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.