Ibrahim Khalil Branch

A Hub of Quality Control and Laboratory Excellence Since 2017

New Standard Company, offering quality control and laboratory services, has been a dedicated branch since its establishment on 9 March, 2017 in Ibrahim Khalil. Our labs cover agriculture, biology, chemistry, construction, physics, and vehicle inspection, upholding the highest scientific standards in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. Supervised by a dedicated scientific committee and specialized academic staff, our mission in Ibrahim Khalil is to provide products in strict compliance with Iraqi specifications. This includes conformity assessments and diverse testing services. Alongside a dedicated unit for management finance and electronic control, Ibrahim Khalil showcases our commitment to precision, customer satisfaction, and consumer protection across various industries such as food, construction, agriculture, cosmetics, and lubricating oil.


Agriculture Laboratory

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Biology Laboratory

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Chemical Laboratory

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Construction Laboratory

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Physics Laboratory

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Vehicles Inspection

Vehicles Inspection Unit

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