Biology Laboratory

Our Biology laboratories, located in Ibrahim Khalil, Haji Omran, and Erbil International Airport, stands as a center of scientific development at New Standard Company. Playing a pivotal role, this laboratory conducts microbiological analyses using a comprehensive array of methods. The laboratory employs biological, biochemical, molecular, and chemical techniques to examine various materials, including food, drinks, environmental samples, and cosmetics. These analyses adhere to Iraqi specifications and are conducted using updated ISO test methods, supported by advanced instruments specifically designed for food testing.

Upon arrival, samples undergo an efficient check-in process by our dedicated sampling unit. This streamlined procedure ensures a smooth transition into our controlled laboratory environment, setting the foundation for subsequent analyses in our modern facilities. Samples are carefully assigned to their specific labs - Health, Veterinary, and Cosmetic. Each lab focuses on tailored preparation and testing methods aligned with its unique area of expertise. In a controlled environment to prevent contamination, samples are individually prepared according to their specific examination procedures. This stage involves placing a portion of each sample into a designated enrichment broth.
After the initial preparation, samples are placed on different biological materials chosen based on their unique features. This common process is crucial for regularly checking for harmful microbes in microbiological tests. After this step, the samples are left to incubate, each one getting special attention based on the specific characteristics of the organism being studied. This stage is vital for creating the best conditions tailored to each organism's specific needs.
After the incubation period, the cultured plates undergo thorough analysis by specialized and seasoned laboratory personnel. Results undergo comprehensive confirmation procedures, employing systematic biochemical, serological, and molecular analysis techniques.
Our Biology Laboratory is equipped with advanced tools to ensure precise and reliable analyses. These include:
1- Quanti-Tray System:
A semi-automated quantification method utilizing the Most Probable Number (MPN) model, specifically designed for water and wastewater examination, signaling the presence of target microorganisms.
2- VITEK® 2 Compact System:
This system facilitates quick and accurate microbial identification, enhancing productivity with its large identification database and simplified workflow.
3- Bax System Q7:
A leading PCR instrument that employs polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for accurate, reliable, and user-friendly pathogen detection.
4- Rotor-Gene Q:
A thermal cycling system for real-time high-precision PCR, end-point PCR, and high-resolution melt analysis, enabling the detection of multiple targets.
5- Genechecker UF-340 Four-in-One Real-time PCR System:
This microfluidic chip-based PCR method provides rapid testing, delivering results within 20-40 minutes.
6- QIAxpert:
An innovative high-speed microfluidic UV/VIS spectrophotometer that profiles sample content to differentiate between DNA and RNA.
7- Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer:
This freezer safeguards biological samples by maintaining very low temperatures, reflecting our commitment to quality and excellence in handling references and samples.

The Biology laboratories at New Standard Company are designed for advanced technology and scientific expertise. With modern facilities and experienced professionals, we prioritize innovation and precision in our analyses. Our consistent commitment to excellence assures clients of the accuracy and precision of our results.