Electrical and Electronical Laboratory

Our electrical and electronical laboratory at Siji serves as a hub for hands-on experiments and comprehensive lab reports, providing invaluable practical experiences with engineering concepts and devices. All materials imported to the Kurdistan Region through international border points undergo accurate testing, adhering to international ISO/IEC standards.
Upon the arrival of materials, our dedicated sampling unit efficiently manages the samples. This careful procedure guarantees a reliable and systematic examination of electrical and electronic systems, following international ISO/IEC standards.
The precision in our sampling sets the foundation for accurate and trustworthy testing outcomes.

1. Cable IQ™ Qualification Tester:
Designed for residential applications, the Cable IQ™ expeditiously qualifies cabling systems for voice, data, and more. Its user-friendly interface simplifies testing, mapping, and documentation, significantly reducing callbacks and disputes.
2. Fluke 1555 Insulation Resistance Tester:
The Fluke 1555 precisely measures insulation resistance in electrical systems, ensuring safety and reliability. It stands as a trusted tool for electricians and maintenance professionals.
3. FranEO 800:
The FranEO 800 is instrumental in identifying mechanical or electrical problems in power transformers through Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA), ensuring transformer reliability.
4. CMC 353 Testing Device:
A versatile precision instrument for electrical power systems, the CMC 353 is employed by engineers and technicians for relay testing, protection, metering, and power quality analysis.
5. BAUR DA 100 C Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester:
This fully automated tester checks the electrical strength of insulating liquids, aligning with international standards. It provides reliable results for assessing insulating material.
6. Hydrocal 1011 Gen X P:
This portable device analyzes gases in oil-filled power transformers, including moisture and key gases, ensuring equipment health and reliability.
Electrical and electronical laboratory stands as a cornerstone in ensuring the quality and reliability of electrical and electronical systems. With advanced instruments and thorough testing processes, we maintain the highest industry standards, delivering accurate and reliable results to our clients.