Ministry of Trade and Industry Delegation Explores Company Labs at Ibrahim Khalil International Entry Complex

The Company Director and the Scientific Committee of the Central Laboratory at Ibrahim Khalil International Entry Complex welcomed the Quality Control Delegation from the Ministry of Trade and Industry in the Kurdistan Regional Government. The delegation included key figures from various laboratories, such as the Head of the Quality Control Laboratories, Head of the Biological Laboratory, Head of the Chemical Laboratory, and Head of the Physical Laboratory.

During the meeting, the two parties forged agreements to:

  • Coordinate and exchange technical information related to the activation of laboratory equipment, according to their respective capabilities.

  • Provide assistance in the development and rehabilitation of their staff for laboratory tests.

  • Assist in the purchase and diagnosis of laboratory equipment.

  • Offer support in the implementation of tests and materials beyond their current capabilities.

This collaborative effort aims to enhance technical capabilities, promote knowledge exchange, and fortify the quality control infrastructure in the region.

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