Constriction Laboratory

Our Construction Laboratory, strategically located in Ibrahim Khalil, and Siji, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the quality and safety of construction materials and structures. Staffed by proficient engineers, physicists, and chemists, these labs conduct various tests on materials to guarantee their compliance with industry standards.
Equipped with advanced tools, our Construction Laboratory performs precise and reliable analyses.
Here is an overview of some key instruments and their applications:
Flexural Test Machines: Measure the flexural strength and stiffness of materials like marble, ceramic tile, limestone, and natural stone.
Compressive Test Machine: Determines the compressive strength and resistance to crushing of thermal stone, assessing its load-bearing capacity.
Tensile Test Machine for Steel: Evaluates mechanical properties of steel by pulling a sample until it breaks, providing insights into its performance under tension.
Bending Test Machine for Steel: Assesses the flexibility and resistance to deformation of steel under controlled bending forces, crucial for structural applications.
Automatic Film Applicator: Provides a reliable method to apply coating films uniformly, eliminating variations caused by human factors.
Scrub Abrasion and Washability Tester: Performs washability tests of painted and coated test panels, measuring scratch, wear, and color loss resistance.
Taber Rotary Platform Abraser (Model 5135): Evaluates the resistance of surfaces to rubbing abrasion across various materials.
TQC Cylindrical Bend Test: Indicates the elasticity, elongation, and adhesion of a paint film at bending stress.
Impact Test: Determines the impact resistivity and flexibility of coatings.
TQC Sheen Mechanized Scratch Tester (Model 705): Evaluates coatings hardness based on the scratching resistance method.
TQC Sheen Opac Opacity Reflectometer (310): Measures the opacity or luminous reflectance of a grey scale, useful for coatings' hiding power evaluation.
TQC Sheen Glossmeter – Sologloss & Polygloss: Measures gloss with two models for various applications.
TQC Sheen Digital Rotothinner™: Measures the viscosity of paint, coatings, and inks.
Magnetic Stirrer: Widely used in laboratories for stirring or mixing solutions.
TQC Sheen Drying Time Recorder: Measures the drying time of paints, varnishes, and adhesives.
TQC Sheen Cone and Plate Viscometer CP1: Standard test for dynamic viscosity measurements.
Tag Flash Point Tester: Measures the flash point of samples, suitable for jet fuels, solvents, chemicals, etc.


With a comprehensive array of testing instruments, our Construction Laboratory ensures the reliability and safety of construction materials and structures, providing clients with accurate and trustworthy results.